Call for Nominations 2018

Oct 03, 2017

Dear (ISC)² NCR Chapter Members:

It’s been smooth sailing in 2017 for our chapter. In January, the board established goals and had the following achievements:

  1. Increase membership to 125 or greater. (currently about 150)
  2. Hold 11-member monthly meetings with a presenter. (On track)
  3. Organize one (1) social activity. (Beginning to plan this now.)
  4. Finalize sponsorship charter with approval by board. (On track)
  5. Update the (ISC)² NCR Chapter website. (Completed)
  6. Collaborate with other chapters in the region. (met with others at the (ISC)2 North America HQ)
  7. Automation of membership intake via website. (Completed)

Now, the chapter is looking forward to 2018 with the election of board members. Our Bylaws require that we follow a documented procedure for electing all (ISC)² NCR BoD officers for our 2018 election. Major points include:

  • All BoD officers shall be (ISC)²-NCR members in good standing, and shall serve a term of one year.
  • All BoD officers shall be elected by the members in good standing at our December Member meeting.
  • A member in good standing may nominate himself or another member for any of the officer positions.

Our President has appointed Winn Gaynor (Treasurer) and Brian D’Andrade (Secretary) to serve on the Election Committee. This committee will work with the Communications Chair to coordinate this year’s Chapter elections.

To initiate this process, please send your nominations to for any or all of the offices by October 31. Please nominate only one member to each position. You may self-nominate.

For reference, our 2017 BoD is identified here:

Please visit after you receive an email titled “Vote now: ISC2-NCRCHAPTER – 2018 Board of Directors Election” and enter your code.

Thank you for your membership this year, and looking forward to a productive 2018 at (ISC)²-NCR!

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